• Emlak Center

    Twenty years ago we have established a small property office. Today we are one of the most recognized investment consultancy companies of the property market. Our new goal is to create a worldwide known "global brand" in the Real Estate sector.

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  • Corporate Sales Projects

    As the first and only company; we provide Professional consultancy services to the contractors for the corparate sales of projects such as housing projects, residences, business center, shopping center projects with sales and marketing experiences in the industry, experienced staff and proven references.

    Corporate Sale Projects

  • Land Developement Projects

    As an investment consultancy company, we identify a territory or a land that might be promising and that might have a high earning potential for the investors. Then we develop concepts and ideas and generate projects for that land or territory.

    Land Developement Projects

  • Commercial Real Estate Services

    Investment you make performed as a corporate tenant and a guaranteed income in the best circumstances in Emlak Center with a Professional and experienced staff and a rich portfolio of commercial property investment.

    Commercial Real Estate Services

  • Private Real Estate Services

    Homeowners and tenants can also profit from Emlak Center’s experiences and services in the best conditions.

    Private Real Estate Services

  • Portföy Yönetimi

    Emlak Center Yatırımcı Portföy Yönetimi kavramı ile sektöründe bir ilk olarak; Gayrimenkul alanındaki faaliyetlerini devrim niteliğinde yine büyük bir adımla emlakçılık kavramının ötesine taşıyor.

    Portföy Yönetimi